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Danny Grease T-Birds Jacket Costume for Sale

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Halloween is almost here so you should party in style with a Danny Zuko costume inspired by the classic movie Grease! Back in 1978, a young actor named John Travolta played the cool Fifties Greaser Danny Zuko in the hit musical film Grease. Moviegoers enjoyed the cinematic time warp back… Read more »

Original 1984 Ghostbusters Costumes for Sale

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ghostbusters patch

Ghostbusters fan are excited to see that the release date of the new Ghostbusters sequel “Ghostbusters Afterlife” has finally been set for November 19, 2021. The anticipated sequel was suppose to be released over a year ago but the pandemic delayed its initial premiere date. With both Halloween and Ghostbusters… Read more »

Grease Cool Sandy Costumes & Sandy T-Birds Jackets

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Halloween is only days away so stop hesitating because before you know it, Halloween will be here! If you want to pay tribute to Olivia Newton-John, you can dress up as her memorable movie character, Sandy from the film Grease! Back in the late 1970’s, filmgoers of all ages and… Read more »

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Adult Costume

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Halloween has been creeping closer and closer. Now you only have three weeks before the Halloween parties begin! Have you chosen your outfit for the occasion? Can you believe it’s been almost 30 years since the original theatrical release of The Nightmare Before Christmas movie? You can celebrate this anniversary… Read more »

Authentic Pink Ladies Jacket from Grease

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Halloween will return before you know it so you want to choose your costume ASAP. We recommend this Halloween that you dress up as one of the original Pink Ladies from the 1978 theatrical music Grease! Do you remember Frenchy, Rizzo, and the other cool girls from the film? Of… Read more »

’50s Grease Frenchy Costumes for Sale

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Frenchy from Grease

This season, you should look to the past for inspiration for your next Halloween costume! If you had the chance to watch the classic 1978 film Grease, you can’t ever forgot about Frenchy…the high school girl who loves pink is one of the most iconic characters that is a unique… Read more »

Grease Rydell High Cheerleader Costumes for Sale

Grease Rydell High Cheerleader uniforms

This season of Halloween, you can celebrate the past by throwing a Grease movie themed costume party! You can’t host a fantastic Grease movie costume party or musical stage performance without an official Rydell High School cheerleader costume! Before Sandy befriended Frenchy & the Pink Ladies and put on her… Read more »

Grease’s Betty Rizzo Halloween Costume Ideas

grease rizzo wig

If you want to disguise yourself as a legendary cinematic character from the movies for Halloween, we recommend you dress up one of America’s most memorable musical characters! Betty Rizzo is one of Grease’s most memorable stars…Rydell High’s cool girl Rizzo is played by Stockard Channing. She is one of… Read more »

Good Sandy Grease Costumes for Sale

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This upcoming season of Halloween, pay homage to legendary actress and singer Olivia Newton-John by dressing up as her iconic character Sandy from the movie Grease! This Halloween you can relive the spirit of the 1950’s by wearing nostalgic costumes and dresses inspired by the hit movie Grease starring Oliva… Read more »

Minnie Mouse Costumes for Sale

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This Halloween you or your daughter can dress up as a classic animated character from Disney! She’s Mickey’s better half, and so super sweet to boot! It’s Minnie Mouse! Created by the Walt Disney Company in 1928, this animated character is the darling daughter of Margie and Marcus Mouse –… Read more »

Curious George Costumes

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Toddler Curious George Costume

As the furry mischief-maker in author H.A. Rey’s beloved children’s book series, Curious George was all fun with his monkeying around! Debuting in 1941 to the delight of youngsters everywhere, these easy-to-read and brightly illustrated picture books chronicled the daily adventures of an inquisitive little monkey brought back from an… Read more »

Betty Boop Costumes for Sale

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Boop, boop, di doop! Betty Boop is one sexy lady, and she’s a cartoon character! Gracing the entertainment scene since the 1930s, this nearly 80 year-old gal has a carefree and flirty persona. As an animated starlet appearing in films made by Paramount Studios and the cheeky chick from comic… Read more »

Cheshire Cat Headpiece Mask

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The Cheshire Cat is the iconic mischievous feline the from the Alice in Wonderland movies and storybooks. This memorable furry creature returned for the Alice Through the Looking Glass movie sequel. You can relive his favorite moments by dressing up in this costume mask. Disney has re-released this furry oversized… Read more »

1960s Catwoman Costume – Eartha Kitt & Julie Newmar

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In the past decades, there has been many alternate versions of the character Catwoman played by different talented and beautiful actresses. However, nobody can forget the memorable Catwoman character from the the 1960’s. Actress Eartha Kitt played the campy sexy feline who rivaled the Cape Crusader and Robin in the… Read more »

Dark Knight Rises Costume

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Become Gotham City’s mysterious superhero Batman in The Dark Knight Rises for this Halloween season. This is an updated and more affordable Batman movie costume with latex mask cowl, highly detailed molded chestpiece armor, gauntlets, black cape, and spandex pants. If you want to dress up for Halloween with your… Read more »

Classic 60s Batman Costume for Sale

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Classic superhero fans of the original Batman television series from the Sixties fondly remember Adam West in the late ’60s donning on his iconic grey Batman jumpsuit and cape long before Michael Keaton and Christian Bale did in their movie remakes.  You can pay homage to the original 1966 Batman… Read more »

Original Magnum PI Costume

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If you prefer the original ’80s Magnum PI played by Tom Selleck, you aren’t the only one. The CBS reboot of the show has made the original fans of the hit Eighties television show nostalgic for the original Tom Magnum PI! Sleuthing around in paradise, sounds like a dream job,… Read more »

Kids Ninja Costumes for Sale

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Kids Ninja Costumes

Children of all ages love ninjas, and who can blame them? Ninjas are cool, win every fight, and are almost always the “good guys” battling the bad guys. From Kung Fu Panda to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, young ninjas are popular in the media and with children. It’s the… Read more »