Original Magnum PI Costume

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If you prefer the original ’80s Magnum PI played by Tom Selleck, you aren’t the only one. The CBS reboot of the show has made the original fans of the hit Eighties television show nostalgic for the original Tom Magnum PI! Sleuthing around in paradise, sounds like a dream job, right? Dress up in Magnum PI’s iconic Hawaiian shirt and hat then live the lifestyle of a private eye living in Oahu, Hawaii. Based on the long-running ’80s television series, Magnum PI costumes bring to life the screen persona of Thomas Magnum, played by actor Tom Selleck. Decked out in his memorable Magnum PI costumes, this investigator lived quite the lavish lifestyle at hands of a gracious host who let him live in the guest quarters of a huge beachfront spread named “Robin’s Nest”.

Magnum PI Tom Selleck Red Costume Shirt and Hat

1980’s Magnum PI Costume

Have you ever wanted to be America’s favorite private investigator with Tom Selleck’s trademark moustache and Hawaiian shirt? If so, put on his iconic Hawaiian shirt and baseball hat to become greatest detective of the ’80s! Nobody can replace the original Magnum but you play homage to him on Halloween!

magnum pi tom selleckThomas Magnum is pretty much a guy’s guy, although with his flowery Magnum PI costumes you might wonder. Prior to arriving at the “Robin’s Nest” was a United States Naval Academy (where he quarterbacked the football team) and a Vietnam Veteran where he provided services as one of the infamous SEAL commandos. You could use any of these past endeavors as a basis for unusual Magnum PI costumes. In addition to looking good in his Magnum PI costumes, Magnum is skilled in many combat techniques, lock-picking, safe-cracking, and other useful skills for a private investigator.

At the time Tom Selleck donned his Magnum PI costumes to portray Magnum PI, he was quite a heartthrob and this elevated his status even more. Tall, good-looking and driving a cherry-red Ferrari, he always had a bevy of beauties at his side. Suit up in one of the Magnum PI costumes and perhaps you’ll have the same sort of luck. A typical choice in Magnum PI costumes features the signature Hawaiian shirt that this character was always seen it. In addition, a plumeria lei necklace is included to give your Magnum PI costumes a little of the island spirit. Tom Selleck and Thomas Magnum were both known for their distinctive mustache and most Magnum PI costumes include faux facial hair so you can achieve the look. Also included with Magnum PI costumes is a curly brown wig and Magnum PI costumes baseball cap for any guy who is ready to get on the case. Pair these Magnum PI costumes with your own jeans and flip-flops for a casual, beach-ready look.

While most Magnum PI costumes are sized to fit men (up to a 44” chest), you can create a do-it-yourself version of Magnum PI costumes for children or women with items from your own wardrobe. Just pair jeans and a flowered shirt with all the requisite costume props purchased separately for the tops in Magnum PI costumes. Magnum PI costumes are a fun choice for Halloween celebrations, a retro 80s party, or just hanging around the islands. Other characters to compliment your Magnum PI costumes include the manager of “Robin’s Nest”, Jonathan Higgins, III, helicopter pilot T.C. Calvin, or just one of his beautiful admirers. If you really want to make an entrance at a party, pull up in a rented red Ferrari decked out in one of the several handsome Magnum PI costumes. You could even bring along the two guard dogs, Zeus and Apollo, for a tough-guy look. By the way, the mansion was owned by a fictional best-selling author and is known to be a recluse (never even seen on the show) in return for Magnum’s security services.