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1960s Catwoman Costume – Eartha Kitt & Julie Newmar

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In the past decades, there has been many alternate versions of the character Catwoman played by different talented and beautiful actresses. However, nobody can forget the memorable Catwoman character from the the 1960’s. Actress Eartha Kitt played the campy sexy feline who rivaled the Cape Crusader and Robin in the… Read more »

Dark Knight Rises Costume

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Become Gotham City’s mysterious superhero Batman in The Dark Knight Rises for this Halloween season. This is an updated and more affordable Batman movie costume with latex mask cowl, highly detailed molded chestpiece armor, gauntlets, black cape, and spandex pants. If you want to dress up for Halloween with your… Read more »

Classic 60s Batman Costume for Sale

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Classic superhero fans of the original Batman television series from the Sixties fondly remember Adam West in the late ’60s donning on his iconic grey Batman jumpsuit and cape long before Michael Keaton and Christian Bale did in their movie remakes.  You can pay homage to the original 1966 Batman… Read more »

Batman Grand Heritage Costume

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Batman Grand Heritage Costume Based on the movie Dark Knight, this Batman costume is a super deluxe super hero outfit that will impress any fan of the Dark Knight series.  Available in size medium, large, and extra large!

Discount Joker Grand Heritage Costumes

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There has been many incarnations of the Joker character in several popular Batman movies. If you seen Christopher Nolan’s spectacular Batman movie sequel The Dark Knight, you remember Heath Ledger’s memorable performance and portrayal of Batman’s ultimate nemesis The Joker.  Even after 10 years, Batman fans still admire his character… Read more »