Cheshire Cat Headpiece Mask

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Cheshire Cat Halloween MaskThe Cheshire Cat is the iconic mischievous feline the from the Alice in Wonderland movies and storybooks. This memorable furry creature returned for the Alice Through the Looking Glass movie sequel. You can relive his favorite moments by dressing up in this costume mask. Disney has re-released this furry oversized Chesire Cat headpiece that you can use as a mask for your cat costume. Kids will love this when you put on this mask. The manufacturer stopped the production of these masks, but you can still luckily find these hard-to-find masks at a fair price on eBay. Check out what we found for you below!

Cheshire Cat Mouth Mover Mask

Deluxe Cheshire Cat Mouth Mover Mask

If you want the ultimate Cheshire Cat mask, you have to consider this moving mouth mask that brings out the iconic mischievous grin of the Cheshire cat! With his characteristic furry exterior, piercing blue eyes and a smile that moves as your mouth does, you will exactly look like the Alice Through the Looking Glass character!