Kids Ninja Costumes for Sale

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Ninja Kids

Children of all ages love ninjas, and who can blame them? Ninjas are cool, win every fight, and are almost always the “good guys” battling the bad guys. From Kung Fu Panda to The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, young ninjas are popular in the media and with children. It’s the next logical step that children want to dress up as ninjas and have their own kids ninja costume, whether for Halloween or a costume party. Dressing up in kids ninja costumes is like having permission to rough-house without getting in trouble!

Ninja Girl costumeThese ancient Japanese warriors are highly trained in various methods of combat and originally would provide services for a feudal lord. Ninjas are shown as male, but historical records show that females often employed ninja tactics and were used as secret weapons. Kids ninja costumes are available to fit both boys and girls of all sizes including babies, toddlers, children and tweens. With kids ninja costumes for everyone, there’s no reason to skip suiting up! Typical kids ninja costumes feature an all black jumpsuit or pants and shirt with a tunic that is layered on top. An identity-concealing hood of most kids ninja costumes lets children sneak along undetected, much to their pleasure. There are kids ninja costumes that come in a wide range of colors for the over tunic including blue, red, and yellow! Have a kid dress up in each of these kids ninja costumes colors and have a whole team ready for any adventure.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

There are several popular television series that have made wearing kids ninja costumes even more desirable. One of these top shows that has sparked interest in ninja culture and ninja outfits is the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” This successful children animated series from the Eighties is popular once again, along with the matching kids ninja costumes, thanks to the new movie adaptation. These four mutated turtles are brothers who are trained in Ninjustu, live in a city sewer lair and each wear a special kids ninja costumes. Michelangelo is an easy-going jokester, Leonardo is brave and an superior martial arts student, Raphael is the aggressive bad boy who is very loyal, and Donatello is the smart one who is more interested in science than fighting. Most TMNT kids ninja costumes feature a printed jumpsuit with turtle shell back and plastic mask distinctive to each character.

Another popular show is “Power Rangers” based on the Japanese Tokusatsu Super Sentai Series. There are many Power Rangers outfits available for kids ninja costumes; each is able to morph from a regular “person” to a superhero with a variety of talents. Suited up in kids ninja costumes, these Power Rangers showed off their special skills which include physical combat skills, mind-reading, super speed and strength, and invisibility. Do a “mighty morph” and suit up in one of these kids ninja costumes featuring brightly colored battle suits with a visor helmet. Power Ranger kids ninja costumes come in an array of colors to distinguish the character; yellow, blue, white, red and pink.

All kids ninja costumes, whether traditional, TMNT or Power Rangers, must have one or two pretend weapons to role-play with. Add a ninja sword to kids ninja costumes or a Sai which is an ancient Japanese weapon that is similar to a dagger but with two side prongs along the blade. Other weapons for kids ninja costumes include nun chucks to swing around or a “bo” which is a long staff made of wood or bamboo.