Curious George Costumes

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As the furry mischief-maker in author H.A. Rey’s beloved children’s book series, Curious George was all fun with his monkeying around! Debuting in 1941 to the delight of youngsters everywhere, these easy-to-read and brightly illustrated picture books chronicled the daily adventures of an inquisitive little monkey brought back from an African expedition by the informally named character, “The Man in the Yellow Hat”.

Kids Curious George Costume

Child Curious George Costume

Transform your little one into Curious George in this adorable child costume! This is available in child sizes toddler, small, and medium.


Kids Curious George Costume XL

Kids Curious George Costume

This cute monkey outfit comes in a variety of sizes for children so both small and big kids can dress up as their favorite monkey Curious George! Available in child sizes x-small (XS) to x-large (XL).


Lil Monkey Costume

Lil Monkey Costume

If you want to dress up your baby as Curious George for Halloween, you’ll love this cute little monkey bodysuit costume with attached tail and cute hoodie with ears!

There are several adventures of Curious George, from his parade-time antics to other trouble found in a big city, and made him an instant sympathetic friend among children (along with his cute little Curious George costume). These children books have also been adapted into an animated cartoon series and for the big screen in 2006 starring Will Ferrell as “The Man in the Yellow Hat” who is as funny as ever with his slapstick comedy and silly Curious George costume.

Monkey see, monkey do – little children will delight in dressing up in a Curious George costume as this lovable, pint-sized primate. Available in sizes for infants, toddlers, kids and adults, a Curious George costume is sure to create a swinging good time at a Halloween celebration, a themed birthday party, or just for playtime fun. Plus, if a party is planned there are lots and lots of paper party products such as plates, napkins, party favors and hats to coordinate along with your Curious George costume.

Most Curious George outfits are designed as a one-piece jumpsuit (with a tail) made of a soft, snuggle brown fabric. Attached flesh-colored “feet” keep the Curious George costume looking great from top to bottom; if you like, you could even add a pair of matching gloves with a Curious George costume. A pull-up hood on the Curious George costume features the familiar impish monkey “mug” that also keep a child’s head warm on a blustery night of trick-or-treating. If you want to throw together your own Curious George costume, a brown fleece sweat shirt and pair of matching pants will work well with a Curious George costume monkey mask, a traditional monkey mask, or face-paints creatively designed to look like a monkey face.

A popular Curious George costume for adults is the Man in the Yellow Hat. This friend and caretaker of George wears a very distinctive (and bright) Curious George costume. A cross between a safari bush outfit and a big yellow banana, the Curious George costume of this character features yellow pants, a yellow jacket and a large yellow hat with a wide brim and tall cap (similar to a sombrero). A black belt, black boot covers and short polka-dot tie give this Curious George costume add a finished and funny image.

Whatever your adventure, you are sure to have as much as a fun as a barrel of monkeys (or more) in a Curious George costume. You’ll feel like King of the Jungle at your party dressed in a Curious George costume, especially with matching decorations that complement your Curious George costume — even monkey piñata! For a funny entrance to any event in your Curious George costume, bring along friends dressed in larger-than-life banana costumes and you’ll be known as the crazy “bunch”! Don’t monkey around, get a Curious George costume today!