Betty Boop Costumes for Sale

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Boop, boop, di doop! Betty Boop is one sexy lady, and she’s a cartoon character! Gracing the entertainment scene since the 1930s, this nearly 80 year-old gal has a carefree and flirty persona. As an animated starlet appearing in films made by Paramount Studios and the cheeky chick from comic strips, Betty Boop is pop icon in American culture. Known for her va-va-voom style, her risqué for the day Betty Boop costumes, a high-pitched Brooklyn accent and delightful demeanor, you can see why getting dolled up in one of many Betty Boop costumes makes for a fun evening!

Betty Boop Costume Ideas

Deluxe Betty Boop Costume Red Dress

Deluxe Betty Boop Costume for Adults

Dance the night away this Halloween in this deluxe red starlet costume which is a long spaghetti strap dress with high cut side and faux fur stole.

Sexy Red Betty Boop Dress

Sexy Red Betty Boop Dress

Sing your heart out in this sexy red dress. Wig included!

Betty Boop Women's Costume

Teen Betty Boop Dress

This teen Betty Boop outfit includes strapless sequin look dress with classic curly wig.

Brimming with sexual innuendo with a luscious lilt, this animated hottie of Hollywood was a sex symbol known all over the country for her hard to forget Betty Boop costumes. Styled, in part, after the Flappers era, this good-time loving “jazz baby” was once even sidelined by the Major Motion Picture Association who made her cover up a bit more. In the early days, this good time gal made a name for herself with her flirty Betty Boop costumes. In addition to her own movies, Betty Boop made guest appearances in other films such as the first “Popeye” cartoon and most recently in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. Those red Betty Boop costumes she wore always made a huge impression, especially with the guys! Betty Boop is still a retro favorite with aficionados everywhere; get dolled up in a on of the many Betty Boop costumes and be expect to be met by admiring side glances and wolf whistles from all the guys.

With her crimson red gown and curvy figure, Betty Boop costumes are guaranteed attention getters at any dress up event. Several styles of Betty Boop costumes can be found, from a red mini dress to a floor-length red evening gown. Both feature a strapless, sweetheart neckline; the short version of Betty Boop costumes feature a slightly flounced hem while the long version of Betty Boop costumes usually have a sexy, thigh high slit up the front to reveal lots of leg. While this modern miss was portrayed in clothing other than the standard Betty Boop costumes, from a relatively conservative dress, to a nurse’s uniform and even a topless (!) hula get-up, her trademark style has always been the sexy red Betty Boop costumes. If you want be Betty Boop’s doppleganger, you’ll definitely need to slip into one of her signature Betty Boop costumes.

If you don’t have a chin length brunette bob, you may like to top off you choice in Betty Boop costumes with a wig in her trademark style. A shortish, dark brown wig with pin curls that were so popular in the 1930s is the iconic style for all Betty Boop costume. Sometimes the hair of wigs for Betty Boop costumes is enhanced with a colorful scarf or jazzy feather accent. All Betty Boop costumes also needs makeup to copy her doe-like eyes and ruby red lips. Other accessories oh-so-cute for Betty Boop costumes are golden hoop earrings, fishnet stockings in white or black and a leg garter. Of course, you’ll need a pair of sexy shoes for bopping about town in your choice in Betty Boop costumes, sexy stiletto sandals or closed-toe pumps in either black or red will be the cat’s meow. For a cute touch, carry around a little stuffed animal pooch with all Betty Boop costumes to serve as the cartoon sex symbol’s pet dog, Pudgy.

Betty Boop Make-Up Tutorial