Minnie Mouse Costumes for Sale

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This Halloween you or your daughter can dress up as a classic animated character from Disney! She’s Mickey’s better half, and so super sweet to boot! It’s Minnie Mouse! Created by the Walt Disney Company in 1928, this animated character is the darling daughter of Margie and Marcus Mouse – and her real first name is Minerva! First appearing in one of her Minnie Mouse costumes with Mickey Mouse was in their debut in “Plane Crazy”. Here Minnie joins Mickey for a ride but ends up parachuting out of the plane when he tries to kiss her. Eventually they get along and have many, many reoccurring roles together. For this Halloween season, take a look at some of these cute choices of Minnie Mouse costumes.

Girl's Minnie Mouse Costume

Girl’s Minnie Mouse Dress

If you want to get the classic Minnie Mouse costume for kids, we recommend this official Disney’s Minnie Mouse dress with attached red skirt with white polka dots, sequin top, Minnie Mouse ears headband with ears with attached polka dot bow.

Red Minnie Classic Adult Costume

Red Minnie Classic Adult Costume

One of Walt Disney’s memorable animated characters is Minnie Mouse. Play homage to this classic character in this white polka dot red dress and mouse ears for Halloween. This dress is also available in plus size for full figure women!

Minnie Mouse Costumes

How to Dress Up like Minnie Mouse Costumes

Known for flounced red skirt dotted with white polka dots, black bodice and signature ears, Minnie Mouse costumes have become an icon worldwide. When this character walks through Disney World wearing one of her Minnie Mouse costumes, everyone runs to give her a hug! With a charming fashion style all her own, this sassy mouse shows that she can hang with the boys will still looking like a girl in feminine Minnie Mouse costumes. Whether she’s cavorting with Goofy and the gang or hanging with Mickey, everyone loves being around this perky mouse in her Minnie Mouse costumes.

Some girls love Minnie Mouse so much that they beg for their next birthday party to be themed after this character and her lovely Minnie Mouse costumes. Along with gifting her with your choice in Minnie Mouse costumes, you can make the party pop with mouse style featuring all sorts of paper part products – plates, cups, piñatas, napkins, centerpieces and more! For the grand finale, have an adult dress up in one several Minnie Mouse costumes and come in to serve up cake and pose for pictures.

Minnie Mouse costumes are available in sizes to fit everyone; you can find Minnie Mouse costumes for newborn infants to a Minnie Mouse costumes for plus-sized ladies and every size in between; you are sure to find Minnie Mouse costumes for your next dress up event. Pair your Minnie Mouse costumes with all the must-have accessories such as a pair of black tights, white bobbie socks and classic Mary Jane shoes. For a look true to old-school animation, add a pair of oversized white cartoon hands, a strap-on mouse nose and whiskers painted on with an eyebrow pencil. If you don’t want to do the entire look of Minnie Mouse costumes, you can still get dolled up as this cutie by adding a pair of ears for Minnie Mouse costumes to a red or black dress. To these Minnie Mouse costumes, don’t forget to add mouse-inspired face paints.

Of course, the obvious pairing for Minnie Mouse costumes is a friend dressed up in a Mickey Mouse outfit. Their “outing” as a couple happened in the 1929 cartoon “Mickey’s Follies” where he sings that “he’s got a sweetie – she’s my little Minnie Mouse”. His red pants will complement the red polka dots of all Minnie Mouse costumes! Big ears and all, you will be the belle of any ball in your choice of lovely Minnie Mouse costumes.