Grease’s Betty Rizzo Costume Ideas

movie grease Rizzo wigRydell High’s cool girl Betty Rizzo played by Stockard Channing is one of the stand out characters of the Pink Ladies in the classic musical Grease. Fans love the street smarts, tough attitude, and killer style sense of Betty Rizzo, the leader of the Pink Ladies clique of Rydell High School! If you want to recreate her look for a musical production or Halloween, you come to the right place to find the best Rizzo costumes available online today! Rizzo’s iconic style is her jet black dress with a belt, dark sunglasses, dark hair, and a pink jacket. A Rizzo Halloween costume is a fun outfit to wear for any Halloween party, 1950s retro dance party, or a good old fashioned sock hop. So now is your chance to become Rydell High School’s coolest girl!

The Best Betty Rizzo Grease Costume Ideas

Rizzo Grease Costumes for Adults

Grease’s Rizzo Costume for Adults

Grease Plus Size Rizzo Costumes for Adults

1X-3X Plus Size Rizzo Costume

Don’t forget to add a Pink Ladies jacket with a customized Rizzo name tag, an official costume from the Grease movie! This iconic jacket is available in also available in plus sizes (1X-5X) for full figure women so all ladies can join the fun and relive the Fifties!
Plus Size Rizzo Pink Ladies Jacket

Pink Ladies Jacket from Grease

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