’50s Grease Frenchy Costumes for Sale

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Frenchy Wig from GreaseThis season, you should look to the past for inspiration for your next Halloween costume! If you had the chance to watch the classic 1978 film Grease, you can’t ever forgot about Frenchy…the high school girl who loves pink is one of the most iconic characters that is a unique stand out on both the theatrical and cinematic versions! The full name of Frenchy is Francesca Alicia Facciano. In Grease, she’s one of the more fun and friendly crew members of the Pink Ladies social clique at Rydell High School. Her boyfriend Doody is a greaser who is part of the Thunderbirds gang led by Danny Zuko. In the hit 1978 movie Grease, her character is brought to life on the silver screen by squeaky-voiced actress Didi Conn who also appeared in the 1982 sequel Grease 2. This bright and colorful character is the friendliest member of the Pink Ladies clique, introducing Sandy to her cool social circle at Rydell High. The origin of Frenchy’s pink hairstyle goes back to the time when Frenchy made a mistake in her hair dying class at La Cafury Beauty school, accidentally turning her dyed hair bright pink. However, she looked at this accident as a happy surprise because it matched her Pink Ladies jacket. Affiliate disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we earn commission from qualifying purchases from Amazon.com.

Grease Movie Frenchy Costume

Grease’s Adult Frenchy Costume

Plus Size Frenchy Costume

Plus Size Frenchy Costume

This Halloween you can dress up just like Frenchy in the movie Grease by wearing her button-up plaid blouse, matching pale orange skirt, and orange chiffon scarf. There are also 1X and 2X Plus size Frenchy costumes available for full figure women. All you need is her pink wig and stylish Pink Ladies jacket to complete her look! Frenchy’s Pink Ladies jacket is available in all sizes up to size 5X so everyone can join the Grease fandom and party on Halloween night!

Frenchy Pink Ladies Jacket