Good Sandy Grease Costumes for Sale

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Grease's Sandy WigThis upcoming season of Halloween, pay homage to legendary actress and singer Olivia Newton-John by dressing up as her iconic character Sandy from the movie Grease! This Halloween you can relive the spirit of the 1950’s by wearing nostalgic costumes and dresses inspired by the hit movie Grease starring Oliva Newton John as Sandy Olsson! Do you want to dress up as the good Sandy Dee Olsson who appears at the start of the movie, or prefer to dress up as bad Sandy Olsson in her black greaser leather jacket and hot black pants after she left behind her demure skirts and sweaters to explore her rebellious side with Danny and the Thunderbirds? If you are gonna participate in your own Fifties Grease musical, you have to start off as good Sandy in her innocent long-sleeved yellow sweater and matching yellow dress. This costume includes a white button down shirt. All you need to add is her blond school girl wig. Check out these Good Sandy costumes available for women and girls of all ages and sizes!

Best Good Sandy Costumes Inspired by the Movie Grease

Good Sandy Costume Grease Movie

Good Sandy Costume from Grease

Before Sandy showed off her rebellious side in the final musical number in Grease, she was sweet and innocent Sandy Olsen. The costume symbolizes the good girl at heart that captures her character’s style in the movie. This costume is also available in plus size (1X & 2X) for full figure women!

Plus Size Cheerleader Costume from Grease

Plus Rydell High Cheerleader Costume

Grease Cheerleader Costume Rydell High School

Grease Rydell High Cheerleader Costume

Thunderbirds Cool Sandy Costumes

Adult Bad Sandy Costume Grease Movie

Adult Cool Sandy Costume

Grease Movie Child Bad Sandy Costume

Child Cool Sandy Costume

Good Sandy Blonde Wig

Good Sandy Wig

If you don’t have Sandy’s natural long blonde hair, this official Grease’s Sandy wig will help you complete your Good Sandy Halloween costume!

Grease was one of the most popular musical movies of all time in cinematic history. It is still popular all over the world, with people still wanting to wear costumes from this movies come Halloween or when attending theme parties. Music numbers and scores from the movie are still very recognizable even to the casual fans when they hear it playing on the radio! The lead roles of Danny and Sandy were played by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John. The film reflected both youthfulness and romance brought through their great onscreen chemistry.The supporting actresses and actors also did a fantastic job. They were Stockard Channing, Barry Pearl, Jeff Conaway, Michael Tucci, Kelly Ward, Didi Conn, Jamie Donnelly, and Dinah Manoff. Till today both adults and teenagers who watch this movie, really enjoy it as it is so much fun. It is set in the senior year of high school at Rydell High which means they are all going through their last moments of high school. The love story in the film between Sandy Dee Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko is both exciting and beautiful. When you look at the friendships shown, you want to be a part of the Pink Ladies or the Thunderbirds.