Luke Skywalker Costumes for sale

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Last Jedi Luke Skywalker CostumeLuke Skywalker was one of the main characters in Star Wars movie franchise and a Luke costume is certainly worthy of a Jedi knight of great talent. Luke was rescued by the illusive Jedi Knight Obi Wan Kenobi and raised to learn the ways of the Jedi knight. He learned from the greatest masters including the Grand Master Yoda. During his adventures he met the beautiful Princess Leia and later learned that she was his twin sister and they went on together to fight for the Rebel Alliance, as they both learn to master the power of the Force. They have many adventures together and soon learn of the evil Darth Vader, and soon, to their horror, find his true identity – he was their father, a former Jedi Knight who turned to the dark side. Going to the party as Luke Skywalker ensures that the Force will be with everyone at the party.

When the Force is called upon to combat evil, the Force always emerges the victor. Going to the Halloween costume party in the Luke Skywalker costume is certainly a great costume to show off the power of the Force. This is a very comfortable outfit that has an ochre-colored long-sleeved tunic with light taupe pants and brown leggings. A black belt comes with the costume as well as boot covers.

Each of the Jedi Masters had a lightsaber, and different ones had light sabers of different colors. So the Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker, had a blue lightsaber sword. This sword is available and expand to three feet and lights with the signature blue lightsaber glow. Certainly, Master Luke won’t be walking around the neighborhood to go to the Halloween party in his bare feet, he’ll need to get a pair of good boots to wear – particularly necessary should he run into Darth Vader any of his guards.

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