Renaissance Costumes for Kids

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Going to a Renaissance fair with your kids can be a great educational experience for them, as they are exposed to many aspects of life in the Renaissance era through tests of skill and exhibitions of arts and crafts of the period. And of course, it is also fun, as they get the opportunity to ride horses and human-powered rides. Children of the Renaissance period typically dressed in a fashion similar to that of their elders, with the main difference being that their clothes were of simpler construction and made of more durable fabric, since the assumption was that the outfits would get a lot of wear from their rough play and that they would quickly grow out of their clothes, requiring parents to buy new ones periodically.

Renaissance girl dressFor girls, the most popular Renaissance costumes are undoubtedly those of princesses and queens with long beautiful elegant dresses. The princess costume features a light blue gown trimmed in gold and a sheer tulle skirt. The Renaissance Queen costume consists of a red and white dress with a gold underskirt, puffy sleeves trimmed in gold and a gold high collar. More imaginative girls might go for the Viking Princess costume, consisting of a gown with red bodice and white skirt trimmed in gold and a gold cape. The outfit is completed with a matching headpiece, necklace and white glovettes. Another popular outfit for girls is the Renaissance Maiden costume, which consists of a purple velvet gown with silver puffy sleeves and matching headdress with purple veil.  These outfits are popular for school plays or local community theater for children.

child knight costume for boysOf course, boys would want to wear heroic Renaissance costumes such as those sported by valiant knights and warrior kings. The Valiant Knight outfit consists of a grey tunic with screen-printed dragon emblem and fake chain-mail sleeves, a faux chain-mail hood, grey gloves and matching boot tops. The Warrior King costume includes a black tunic with dragon crest, black and silver headpiece with a cowl and matching boot tops. Some boys might also want to dress up as Robin Hood; the Robin Hood costume features a forest-green velvet tunic trimmed in red with matching pants and fake suede boot covers, topped off with a faux-leather hat with bright red feather.  These medieval type warrior costumes are great for Renaissance theme parties, school plays about Medieval times, community theater for children, and Renaissance Fairs.
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