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Minnie Mouse Costumes

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She’s Mickey’s better half, and so super sweet to boot! It’s Minnie Mouse! Created by the Walt Disney Company in 1928, this animated character is the darling daughter of Margie and Marcus Mouse – and her real first name is Minerva! First appearing in one of her Minnie Mouse costumes… Read more »

Renaissance Costumes for Kids

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Going to a Renaissance fair with your kids can be a great educational experience for them, as they are exposed to many aspects of life in the Renaissance era through tests of skill and exhibitions of arts and crafts of the period. And of course, it is also fun, as… Read more »

Batman Grand Heritage Costume

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Batman Grand Heritage Costume Based on the movie Dark Knight, this Batman costume is a super deluxe super hero outfit that will impress any fan of the Dark Knight series.  Available in size medium, large, and extra large!